Turner inspired painting

water colour painting by Yukari Iwasaki, blogger for Inner Child Playground

A couple of weeks ago, I caught a bus to Canberra to see my friend, A, and to visit the “Turner From the Tate” exhibition at National Gallery of Australia.

It blew my mind.

The grand scale of some of his paintings, to physically see his art box and his palette, to have a glimpse of a few of his 300 sketchbooks and the colours he used in his paintings – were so inspiring.

I wasn’t going to buy anything at the gift shop but whilst waiting for my friend who was buying a couple of things; this stole my gaze:

"How to Paint Like Turner" book purchased at NGA - Yukari Iwasaki

Upon quickly flicking through it, I decided to go home with this book.

The following weekend back home, I went through one of the exercises on how to paint a Sunset:

"how to paint like Turner" book and my attempt  - Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of Inner Child Playground

I look forward to going through the entire book and seeing the progress I’ll make!

Let me know your thoughts on the painting and/or if you’ve been to any inspiring exhibitions recently.

Cheers to letting go,

Signature of Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of Inner Child Playground

Yukari Iwasaki

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