My tongue is a world traveller

The-World-Traveller-Tongue by Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of Inner Child Playground

Count and I visited a new Thai restaurant last night called Khao Pla.

While tucking into Massamun and Crispy Pork Belly I was re-telling him my workmates recent travel stories from African Safari to Dubai and to various hot spots in Italy including Tuscany, Lake Como, Positano (by the way is my dream destination) and Rome.

dinner at Kao Plah by Yukari Iwasaki

Yummy Massamum and crispy Pork Belly

I haven’t had the opportunity to travel that much so far in my life.

Which sucks.

But, I am grateful to be living in a city where I can indulge in authentic Napolitano wood fire pizza, broth bursting xiao long bao, gutsy German pork belly and homey Japanese ramen all within a walking distance.

Although my feet have not yet set foot in Europe or America or Africa or South-East Asia; my tongue is a world traveler.

Cheers to being grateful and hopeful,

Signature of Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of Inner Child Playground




Yukari Iwasaki

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3 thoughts on “My tongue is a world traveller

  1. This is a catchy illustration 🙂

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