Gentle rebellion

popcorn drawing by Yukari Iwasaki. Blogger for Inner Child Playground

My first home popcorn popping moment.

What’s the opposite of mass market and price ‘til death (aka force administration) war? = Etsy.

What’s the anti-movement of fast food? = Slow food.

We live in a now now now age, we live in a smartphone age, we live in a capture-everything-and-post-it-on-facebook-or-it-didn’t-happen age.

You know what?  To this, I gently rebel.

If it’s a great moment that should be cherished and treasured, don’t just click, post, tag and forget about it.

I choose to draw my special moments both small and big ones.

New-bag by Yukari Iwasaki, blogger for Inner Child Playground

Count got a new bag

It could become a slow movement, a very slow one at that but a positive change one where people care and improve their craft.

Who’s with me?  Comment below to share me your thoughts. ♥

Signature of Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of Inner Child Playground




Yukari Iwasaki


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