Am I not special, and if not what to do about it

Career progression by Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of inner child playground

Sometimes I feel like I’m lost in life.

I wonder – is my career going anywhere?

Do I stack up to what my hopeful university self dreamt of how a 24 year old self will be?

Can I confidently answer “where I see myself in 5 years time“?

I drew my feeling of dissatisfaction with my current state that falls short of my ideal life and of my uncertain future.

Then my sister sent me this article, “Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy“. With plenty of playful illustration and sense of humour, this article basically describes how the Gen Y’s unhappiness stems from their unrealisticly high career expectation not being met.

I love love love this article.

I fit the bill of GYPSYs or Gen Y Protagonists & Special Yuppies, but I wasn’t offended by this article.

Although, the article probably was meant to provide a brutal reality check for Gen Ys, I became hopeful.

If, I am not special as the article said, how will I become special without believing that I am myself?

When the whole generation feels special and I decide not to anymore, I fall behind.

I will vow not to focus on “when” things will fall in place in my life whilst having an awareness of the potential pitfalls of GYPSYs mentality.  I will be optimistic towards my future with unicorns frolicking in my luscious meadow.

In fact when I get my mopey head out of misery and reflect on my life, I have to be grateful for what I have right now and where I have been.

Who knows, a greener patch of grass might be just around the corner.

What do you think about the article and/or Gen Y career mentality?

Cheers for being optimistic,

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Yukari Iwasaki

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2 thoughts on “Am I not special, and if not what to do about it

  1. I absolutely loved this article too! I identified as a GYPSY as well but still found it hilarious and true.

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