Family meal

Eating as a family by Yukari Iwasaki, inner child playground

Right now, I am in the middle of my couple weeks break back home as my parents who have lived overseas for over three years have finally returned home.

Especially as I haven’t seen them for a long time, simple acts of grocery shopping, preparing meals and eating them together are transformed into an occasion.

Living on my own, I can only buy limited amount of food on a limited amount of budget; often resulting in eating one type of fruits for two weeks straight.  Financial independence gives me the freedom to just have a bowl of peanut butter ice cream as my Friday night dinner if that tickles my fancy.  The sucky thing is that a meal tastes better when it is shared.

Eating as a family, I get to enjoy a variety of fruits and vegetable as well as meals I seldom prepare for myself.

Eating as a family, I engage in stimulating conversation that TV shows cannot offer.

Eating as a family, I get to feel like I am part of a unit, which at times I crave.


Hope you will have a great weekend, hopefully sharing a meal with your loved ones.

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Yukari Iwasaki

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