Spring clean your mind for positivity

Kayaking by Yukari Iwasaki

Basking in the warm summer like sunshine at the beach, filling up my belly with homey food, sleeping a lot and laughing a lot with my loved ones – I have totally relaxed and re-energised.

The single day out of my couple weeks break where I worked hard was a spring cleaning day.  This allowed Mom and I rediscovered some of my old artworks.

Surfing by Yukari Iwasaki, inner child playground

I remember as soon as my paintbrush left the canvas after the finishing touch I saw some faults and were never completely content with the final products.  Looking at the paintings now many years on without harsh self critical set of eyes, I can finally appreciate the effort I put during the many weeks of art classes after school.

The paintings haven’t changed but I have. These paintings are a reminder for myself to be kind to myself as well as to others.  Constructive criticism allows you to self develop but a pessimistic over critical mindset robs the sweet taste of accomplishment.

Whether it’s as simple as preparing a delicious meal, completing an artwork or getting somewhere on time – don’t overlook to give yourself a pat on the back and savour the little happiness.

Signature of Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of Inner Child Playground

Yukari Iwasaki

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