Irish x Kiwi wedding gift draft

sheep-and-clover draft by Yukari Iwasaki, inner child playground

Count’s Kiwi friend is getting married to an Irish girl next year in Killarney, Ireland.  This news alone is exciting but on top of that, Count and I are invited to their wedding and we are going!

As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have not traveled the world much yet so to be able to travel to Europe is beyond exciting.

However before I get carried away with my trip planning, I have to organise the necessary things for the wedding and the one thing I am worried about is the wedding gift.  The soon to be wed couple is living in New Zealand but tying the knot in Ireland.  For Count and I to be lugging around a gift to Europe and to think that they have to somehow get it back home seems silly and a costly exercise.  On the other hand, attending a wedding empty handed doesn’t sit right with me even though we are paying thousands of dollars to attend the wedding.

As usual, I was talking to my sister to get her idea about this conundrum and she jokingly suggested for me to design a his and her custom cushion cover- with clover to represent Irish and with sheep to represent New Zealand.  It’s personal, light in weight and hardly takes space.

Initially I laughed but the more I thought about it and talked with others the more I realised that the idea is GENIUS!

Today, I started my initial sketches of the cushion cover.  It’s still in the rough phase but I anticipate a sheep will be on a cushion cover paired with another that is reversed so that the pair is staring at each other.

What do you guys think?  Is there any designs that sticks out to you?  I am kind of liking the top left clover-sheep but I’d love to get some feedback if anyone can spare me their precious time.

Signature of Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of Inner Child Playground

Yukari Iwasaki

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