We all fly in a different way



I like hand made cards and I especially like designing them; thinking about the person and the message that I want to share with them.

At times, I know exactly what the card will look like but sometimes I have a vague underlying message or a theme on my mind and somehow I have to put it down on a piece of paper.

The latest card that I designed was the latter.

I was designing a birthday card for Count and I wanted the theme: flying.

Drawing inspiration from breath taking images on Pinterest, I sketched anything that caught my eyes that related to ‘flying’.:

sketches that leads to the final product


Initially, I thought flying is just one thing; planes.  Oh how narrow minded I was!

There are millions of ways to fly.  Balloons, air balloons, paper planes, kites, umbrellas, a magic carpet, a cape, a broom, a diving board, jumping high and using your imagination.

It is often so easy to just go with the first thing that pops into our mind in this time poor world.  However it is often the case that the end result can be much rewarding when you take a step back and release any parameters that we may have unconsciously set on ourselves.

Being open minded allowed me to design the card with a clearer focus and I hope to be more open minded not just with my drawing but in different aspect of my life too.

Cheers to letting go,


Signature of Yukari Iwasaki, blogger of Inner Child Playground




Yukari Iwasaki

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2 thoughts on “We all fly in a different way

  1. Love this, Sometimes we forget to take a step back and view things with different eyes. Cheers to you too on letting go !

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