What do you see?

I am quite obsessed with the war of roses and especially about King Richard III ever since I started to watch The White Queen, based on the trilogy written by Philippa Gregory.

In short,  war of the roses according to Encyclopaedia of Britannica is:

The series of dynastic civil wars …..fought between the Houses of Lancaster and York for the English throne.

The reason why I took particular interest in Richard III is probably because Gregory shed a very different light on him.  As Aneurin Barnard, the actor who plays Richard III put it nicely in an interview :

“The average man and woman may just think that Richard III is the hunchback from that famous play, but actually, he was something quite different, and hopefully, through ‘The White Queen,’ it does tell people that they are two very different interpretations.”

Barnard portrayed Richard III as a very loyal, compassionate, brave and a serious man who unfortunately was misguided by manipulative people around him.

When I read her book and watched the series I was enthralled by the scenes and how the story unfolded. But this was in reality; this tragedy actually happened.  Whether Richard III was a deformed wicked king or a tender, loyal king- he existed and he did what he did; whatever it was he did for whatever reason he held in his heart. 

There is only one truth yet there are multiple interpretation of that ‘truth’.  It’s not just about Richard III, war of the roses or history in general; it’s about everything.  It’s what I say, what I do, how I say and how I do things- to me is the one truth yet can be interpreted in ways that it never crossed my mind.

blue-yukari-iwasaki, inner child playground

What do you see?

What do you see in this above image? Nothing? Everything? Perhaps a view of a blue sky through a window or a waterfall or perhaps just a simple colour swatch. It could be something that I never imagined of.

orange-swoosh-yukari-iwasaki, inner child playground

What do you see?

What do you see now? An off banana, a red hair ponytail, a fox’s tail or perhaps just a stroke of paint for no reason.

happy_sad-yukari-iwasaki inner child playground

What do you choose to see?

What do you choose to see? A happy man or a sad man?

They are all there in front of us for what they are.  What emotion; thoughts or idea evoked by them is up to you and up to me.

Sometimes I expect the worse from a situation but perhaps the truth isn’t as bad as I fear.

What do you see from the above images? I’d love to know so please comment on below.

Cheers to letting go,

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5 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. At the blue mark i see a rabbit with a very bad face, at the second undoubtly an off banana and at the third, ok it is more clear .One know exactly what is there.

  2. I see blue paints waiting for the red paints to introduce purple!
    I only saw a red banana for the latter one.

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