Last painting of 2013


I wanted to paint how the Burleigh Beach was on the last day of 2013 so I popped over to the beach this morning and took some photos.

This afternoon I wanted to get stuck into painting it but realised that I forgot to bring my water colour paints when I flew back home; the only available paint were 3 acrylic paints of red, yellow and blue.  I thought I had the fourth paint of white but it dried out due to the 4 years of neglect.

Not knowing if it will work at all, I started to mix the primary colours and see where it took me.

This is the final product:



I am pleasantly surprised by the range of colours I was able to create by playing with the ratios of the 3 basic colours.

Forgetting my water colour paint was a sucky event especially as I wanted to paint the Burleigh beach series but because of this I had a happy accident of painting the above painting with just 3 paints.  I found the flip side to my situation rather than abandoning it altogether.  The lack of water colour pushed me from my comfort zone and I think I reaped the benefit.

Similar to my last painting of 2013; I hope 2014 will be filled with these happy occurrences for you and for me.

Happy New Years everyone!  I wish you have had created many happy memories in 2013 and that 2014 is the most exciting year yet.


Cheers to letting go,
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