Don’t drain your heart out

where-you-pour-your-soul-by yukari iwasaki, inner child playground

I was pretty stressed out at work these days and things that I enjoyed like drawing, talking to my family and friends, cooking, reading and exercising; felt like a chore.

It was only a mere 2 weeks ago when I posted that “I am content and happy“.  Seems like a lifetime ago!


Do I have to feel stressed AND depressed after every holiday?

Getting seriously worried about my sanity, I asked myself- what is making me angry and stressed throughout the day? The answers are lazy workmates and people not working efficiently.

In future, I wish I am in a role that I am passionate about and I believe in the cause but at the moment my role is a way for me to get there.

So why sweat it?

My work was draining my soul and heart and happiness.

Yes, they are my source of income, I am learning new skills and I am grateful that I have a job.

However their focus isn’t me but about their wealth and the success of the company (which is totally acceptable); they get what they want from me and aren’t emotional about it so I should be the same.

The more I drain my soul into something that isn’t good for me; the less I am who I am.

The more I am able to pour my soul into something that I believe in, be it for my career or for my family or for me and my future; I feel like I get back the energy and soul that I put into a thousand times fold.

Not that I will slack off and do jack all at work but I will try not to tear my hair out because my workmate is asking me to re-do something for the fourth time because of her errors.

Instead, I will breathe in and out, look at the cute image that dad sent me of a Capybara sprawled out in a hot spring (check them out here because they are insanely adorable) and get on with my day.

Because frankly, my soul is meant for something worthwhile.

How do you de-stress after a stressful day? If you have any tips I’d love to know!

Cheers to letting go,
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