Abspirations – Tone It Up

Abspirations-by Yukari Iwasaki, inner child playground

I have recently discovered Tone It Up a fitness and lifestyle mega empire built by two yoga smart and savvy business women, Katrina and Karena.

They had a strong vision which they believed in and just went for it.  Their fitness videos are viewed by millions now and as a result helped many people become a healthier, happy version of themselves.

Obviously they look A-mazing and their positive attitude is infectious.  I have slacked off with my exercise since my break back home so watching their youtube videos have been a great way to be active.

Their easy to follow workout videos made me conscious of my posture and how much I’ve been working out.  Regardless of the fact that the video was created days, weeks or even months ago they’re flat toned abs are my inspiration!

It reminded me of a quote that I heard once that you are an average of people that you surround yourself with.  If you are always with ambitious, happy people who will be ambitious and happy person.  But if you’re always with grumpy, miserable people; chances are they’re rub off on you.

Do you surround yourself with positive influences around you?

Cheers to letting go,

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Yukari Iwasaki

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