The Tired Traveller

The tired traveller by Yukari Iwasaki inner child playground

I have been away on my European holiday for a while now and it feels like I have been travelling for a long time which is a very very good thing.

I haven’t sketched as much as I thought whilst travelling because Count and I have been walking and sight seeing and eating and experiencing.

Soaking up the art and culture of Europe especially in Paris where I visited Louvre and Musee D’Orsay were inspiring.  The museums aren’t the only source of inspiration it seems  – the historic buildings, what people wear and the European lifestyle are so different from what I know in Japan and Australia- it is perplexes me, amazed and makes me think in a new way.

The above sketch is what I quickly drew on the way from Paris to Epernay.  We woke up really early to catch the Eurostar from London to Paris where we were planning a smooth transfer to Epernay.  The pre-purchased tickets were somehow denied and with the first language difficulty experienced in my travel I was in a sheer panic.

In the end from a fear of missing the train we purchased 2 tickets to Epernay and made it just in time by running to the train lugging all our luggage.

So no wonder Count were in a deep sleep in the train cabin!

My sister gave me a travel journal that have lots of space to sketch so this is where I have been mostly drawing.

This quick sketch from below is what we had for our dinner on the first night in Epernay.

We collected various regional goodies – champagne, cheese, baguette, salami and veges for a room-picnic by the bay.

Hotel picnic sketch by Yukari Iwasaki, inner child playground

With a few more days of holiday left I look forward to each day and slightly dread the long flight back home to my ordinary life.  However at the same time I often think and look forward to when I settle back home and start painting my experience from my holiday.

I guess whether on holiday or being at home is a good thing!

Cheers to letting go,

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2 thoughts on “The Tired Traveller

  1. I love the tired traveller! There’s so much energy in your lines

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