Vietnam Vacation 2014 – Halong Bay


My sister and I went on a 2 day 1 night Halong Bay Cruise last night.

We worried that the weather will not improve but the cloudiness created the majestic misty scenery. After exploring the cave and kayaking along the cliff the sun came out to play!

The view was a drastic change and both are beautiful. However the temperature soar as the sun shines on us so we were all drenched in our own sweat.

When my sister was refreshing in our junk cruise’s shower, I ducked out on our room balcony for a quick sketch to take it all in (The above drawing.)


The second day was a more relaxed schedule where we just ate and visited the pearl farm. We all enjoyed the last hour or so before heading back on the long bumpy bus road back on the sun deck.  Although the day started sunny, we all saw the looming cumulo nimbus and I tried to capture it in my second sketch.


Whether it is sunny, raining, sunset, night time or cloudy, Halong Bay was quite a beauty!

Now I am back in Hanoi after enjoyed an amazing pho from a hole in the wall joint and strolled around the night market; I am ready to move on to our next stop in our journey : Hue.

Cheers to letting go

Yukari Iwasaki

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