Birthday card for mom


Today is my mom’s birthday.

Last year around about now, my parents visited me in Sydney to celebrate my mom’s birthday after they were away in Japan for three years.

At that time, I kind of thought things will go back to the way it use to as though their three years away didn’t happen.  I thought that they will reconnect with their friends and go back into their old routine – I mean they were coming home right?

How wrong I was!

I think it’s because my mother has an amazing ability to connect with people not matter where she is – whether she is having a picnic at a park, whether she’s just finding a car park, whether she’s just walking along the beach.  What she does is what hundreds of people do everyday but she is so approachable and friendly that she instantly makes friends and easily becomes an indispensable friend.

In the last year, she became friends with a lady, B, while they shared a park picnic table. B opened up a world of community exercising from yoga, taichi and zumba to mom and not only the exercises but opened her up to a group of B’s friends.

Effortlessly being part of a group my mom became a life changer to these ladies.  They suffered exercise injuries or their families were devastated with illness but mom gave hope and health by connecting them to my dad who treated them with his oriental therapy.

My mom isn’t a busy bee but she flutters to beautiful flowers after beautiful opportunities and doing so she enhances the lives of others as well as at home.

With just one year I feel like she have opened up so many doors for herself and I’m looking forward to sharing her success in her new year.

Cheers to letting go,

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Yukari Iwsasaki

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