Happy on bad days


The last couple of weeks has been quite a challenge where some people seemed to be plain mean. Life for me was difficult; physically and emotionally draining.

For a good four to five days I simply felt like I had nothing to give and my world lost its vibrancy like someone turned down the contrast level on Photoshop.

I was swamped at work, loads of things to do in my personal life, I should call my parents, I should get in touch with my sister, my friends and oh I still haven’t finished reading that book…The to-do list seemed never ending.

A huge chunk of me were missing from me every day.  Feeling quite off, I knew that I needed to do something.

I picked up my guitar for the first time in months and played some tunes and sang. It felt good to be in touch with my creative side again.

The next day I exercised and sweated like there was no tomorrow.  Usually towards the end of a gym class my muscles are so sore that I push a little less and cut corners but not this time! More strength were behind my legs that kicked and my arms that punched – I felt invigorated! This is what endorphin is!

Life keeps going whether you had a good day or ten bad days in a row. I could keep feeling sorry for myself and get by.

Or I can take control and inject my life with things that makes me happy so that even when I have ten bad days in a row I am still myself, happy and ready to take on the next day.

How do you cope with bad days?

Cheers to letting go,

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Yukari Iwsasaki

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