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Five years ago on March 13, I moved to Sydney on my own to pursue a career. It was a scary, often lonely, everything-is-new period of my life where I moved out of my family home for the first time to new a city to start my first full time job.

Fast forward five years to yesterday, I headed out to yet another Sydney’s free events in the CBD, this one called Spectrum Now.

Wandering around the event venue under the sun, I sipped some Hendricks Gin before I entered a circus tent looking venue for the model drawing course.

Spectrum Now Yukari Iwasaki inner child playground

Half an hour class consisted of a dandy gentleman striking poses while two art teachers from NSW Art of Gallery gave out pointers and different exercises to explore mark making.


Quick mark making exercises

After the class that reminded me of my Brett Whiteley art classes, I wandered around the event a bit more, listening to a live music under a tree.

I had an hairdresser appointment so I meandered my way through Hyde Park where I walked past a very talented busker and Sydneysiders sitting along the park bench listening to the tune on a sunny Sydney Saturday. At that moment, I truly love this city.

Unlike 5 years ago, I wasn’t looking at a map after turning every corner (heck, I offered to help a tourist where they’re going!), I knew when an event was on (and how to find them) and when I headed home I enjoyed a lovely meal and conversation with my flatmate.

These experiences will never have been experienced unless I endured those days when I was lonely in a big new city, figuring out what it meant to live away from home and figuring out how I wanted my life to be.

So this morning, I cherish every achievement and every little bravery that led me right here.

Cheers to letting go,

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Yukari Iwsasaki

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