I Do’s and when would you do?

 engagement rings by Yukari Iwasaki inner child playground

Last week was a big week of “I do’s”.

On Monday, a young colleague was swarmed by other female colleagues so she can retell how her boyfriend of two years popped the question.

The following night, my sister sent me an urgent message to call her….because her boyfriend who landed in our hometown from Amsterdam a day before proposed to her at a spot where they shared their first date.

The reason why both my sister and now my future brother-in-law was here was to attend our mutual friend’s wedding (for this occasion I made this personalised wedding card.) This auspicious occasion took place last Thursday.

It is beautiful to witness love and I am a big fan of it.  However every time I tell any or all of the “I do” story, people ask me when I will be tying the knot.

Being in the late twenties who have been lucky enough to be in a happy relationship for nearly three years, everyone expects my boyfriend to get down and graze his knees at any moment.

time bomb engagement rings by-Yukari Iwasaki inner child playground

However the question is why do people (including myself, guilty as charged) expect it?

What is it about engagement, wedding or marriage that is so enticing or the notion seems somehow better than the present situation?

Although it is obvious, when I chatted with my newly engaged colleague or my newly engaged sister or my newly married friend, nothing seems to have changed.  They are still who they are; they still have problems and happiness. Somehow that was comforting.

Rather than being defensive when people wonder why I don’t have a sparkly ring on my finger, I decided to celebrate and enjoy my single marital status and be glad that my boyfriend can stand on two feet quite well rather than just buckle down to one.

Cheers to letting go,

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