How I found a bit of peace.

care-less-by-Yukari-Iwasaki-inner-child-playgroundI read an article a few weeks ago about how to be productive. As I have a lot of work to manage at the moment (especially before Easter break) I hastily clicked on the link and as quickly as I devoured the article I was left disappointed with its simple lesson. To care less. To not pursue perfectionism was the lesson for the day. It didn’t sit with me well because to me it seems like the easy way out, like cutting corners around the field to run a lap quicker. I forgot about it and kept going on, working late, feeling stressed and swamped with work… Then a couple of days later while fuming at a reply to an email chain; that article popped into my mind. Care less. I did and rather then sending a email about how right I am, I decided to agree and keep going with it. Although that is the reason why I was drafting up this post on the way to work the part of me still doubted whether this perspective is right. I reached my office and headed over to the kitchen to fill up my jug with water and the song on the radio goes, “You don’t have to try, try, try…” I think it was meant to be. My interpretation of this statement is to not stop caring about everything in life. Care less about things that aren’t a high priority in my life. My health is important. My family is important.  My dreams are important. However the things that are causing my heart to palpate and making me wired up – hurtful words carelessly thrown at me from colleagues who hardly know me- aren’t important to me. I should care less, don’t sweat it and just let it go. In the moment of realisation I think I found a bit of peace in chaos.

Cheers to letting go,
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