Empty suitcase packed with hope

suitcase-by-Yukari-Iwasaki-inner-child-playground Last weekend, Count and I stumbled upon a hard to ignore sale at a department store; buy one suitcase, get one suitcase free. We checked the inclusion, the price, the inside of the suitcase, how it rolls then we researched more online and after talking to a few salespeople across two days we purchased it. Although it was more than we initially planned to pay, we purchased the latest Samsonite model carry on sized suitcases. We admired its many features that were tirelessly tested by the manufacturer like how the four wheels were tested to withstand 32km of distance or how the zippers were tested 5000 times. I wonder where my suitcase will roll 32km and although I just bought it; where my suitcase will show its age and start to fall apart? With its 10 years warranty and brand famous for quality I am sure (and hope) it’s not in the near future but I wonder how many cities, countries and continent will we travel together? As my mind fill with many exotic locations I am comforted and excited to know its first journey is back home to the Gold Coast this weekend for Mother’s Day! Do you have any adventure planned in the near future?

Cheers to letting go,

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3 thoughts on “Empty suitcase packed with hope

  1. The miles it will travel, the things it will see. I wish stamps were still put in luggage. It really made a suitcase seen like so much more.

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