Life hasn’t given up on me

Life-knock you by-Yukari-iwasaki-inner-child-playground

Some people may scoff at my remark.  However here it is – I believe that if I am in-tune with myself and to the world I will pick up on signs that will guide me to the right path – the path that leads me to the life that I will be happy with, the life I was made to lead.

Following my heart should guide me to a life that will make me fulfilled yet as I get older, I find it harder and harder to do simply that. I don’t want to fall behind, I don’t want to be less than what is expected of me; the fear of disappointing someone (anyone? myself?) have pulled me towards being ordinary.

There is nothing wrong with being ordinary but it makes me feel like I am missing something. This sense of unknown absence made me realise that I may be off course from my path.

I was pretty much lost and I think the universe, god, gods or this force knew it, wanted me to get back on the path and were signalling me to wake up!

A month or so ago, I got a new flatmate and her life story is an exciting one. Last year, she travelled to India, Malaysia and Italy without a concrete plan but one thing led to another and she explored.  Now she is back with a fresh approach to life and happier because she realigned herself to her path.

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was back home last weekend and I was flying back on last Sunday night. This is a flight path that I have taken numerous times ever since I have moved to Sydney half a decade ago and I never speak to anyone on a plane.  Last Sunday, I felt lucky that I got a spare seat next to me! The guy who was also sitting next to the empty seat seemed pleased too and somehow because of the space we started talking.

I learnt that he used to work in finance but one day he was stopped by who he thought was a stranger.  In reality this stranger was his unrecognisable high school friend: bald, fat and married with kids.  This unexpected reunion was his wake up call – he quit his job the next day and the following day he was on a plane to Thailand on a quest to tick off as much as possible from his bucket list.  He travelled for 6 months and now he is back in Sydney with a new job; a career that he is enjoying.

I didn’t even find out his name and I probably will never see him again.  Regardless, I feel that I was meant to meet him and learn his life story because he reignited my desire to explore my life and my passion.

Whether a person is in your life for 30minutes or all your life, I believe they are in your life for a reason.

Fear of disappointing others, fear of the unknown and the fear itself have been paralysing me to where I am – within my comfort zone.  Although stable and easy, you never achieve anything in your comfort zone.

I think that’s why this force sends me gentle reminders to prevent me from further mediocrity and to guide me back to my path (hopefully until I get it).

So I really have to let go of my fears and self doubt to allow my hands to be open to messages from the universe that will lead me to where I want to be.

Cheers to letting go,

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Yukari Iwsasaki

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